Business concept

Our quality and production standards are based on a century of Danish dairy traditions

When it comes to production of dairy products, Danish knowhow was internationally acknowledged and that enabled Fan Milk to efficiently develop and produce reconstituted dairy products according to the changing consumer preferences. To this day, these skills are crucial for our success as we have been able to keep up with the increasing pace of change.

We are proud of the sophistication we work with at our dairy plants. Our quality and production standards are based on a century of Danish dairy traditions. This includes among other things that the employees at the dairy plants are regularly trained in hygiene and how to handle milk products. Furthermore, Fan Milk’s laboratory technicians make numerous controls each day to ensure the high product quality.

The Fan Milk product portfolio has developed over time. Today, the most important products are frozen yoghurt, ice cream and chocolate milk packaged in serving sizes either in plastic sachets or carton. Fan Milk also provides ice cream in serving size cups and larger packages catering for families, hotels and restaurants. In addition to the milk products, Fan Milk produces and sells juice and juicedrinks in sachets, bottles and cartons.

New products are developed in collaboration with international suppliers and laboratories, the Fan Milk dairy companies and the technical staff in Denmark. Fan Milk always aims to optimise the quality of the products in order to deliver value for money to the consumers.

Fan Milk is also a pioneer in the development of sales and distribution systems. Bicycle vendors were introduced in the early days in Ghana and today consumers can still see thousands of Fan Milk vendors on their bicycles all over West Africa. We have added push carts and more recently we are experimenting with new vending equipment including motor cycles and solar-powered kiosks.

Ever since the first products were sold in the West African market in 1960, Fan Milk has been dependent on imported raw and packaging materials as well as equipment for both the dairy plants and the distribution of finished goods. Since inception of business Fan Milk has had control of the global supply chain that today comprise more than 200 suppliers from around the world. The concept ensures cost efficient procurement and it enables the Fan Milk companies to optimize the result from the core business of production, sales and distribution.