We share the dream about a brighter future for Africa and West Africa in particular

During several visits to West Africa in the mid 1950’s, the Danish entrepreneur, Erik Emborg, realized that there was a market for locally produced dairy products in Ghana. By combining his own skills in trading with Danish knowhow in dairy science, he created one of the first dairy businesses in Ghana in 1960. Availability of fresh milk is limited in West Africa so the manufacturing principle was based on reconstituting milk from milk powder originating from surplus milk in Denmark. The company was called Ghana Milk Company Ltd., but already in 1962, the Fan Logo was introduced and the company changed name and became known as Fan Milk.

At the time, several West African countries had gained independence and the region was thriving. A combination of national pride in the new born nations, well-balanced infrastructures, agriculture and a developing industry paved the way for high hopes and it also carried Fan Milk through a successful startup in Ghana. In 1963, Erik Emborg passed the model on to Nigeria and created a sister company in the city of Ibadan.

Unfortunately, things changed rapidly. The new countries faced difficulties, both politically and economically, and during the following two to three decades the young independent countries had a hard time with several coup d’états and economic decline. Fan Milk survived despite the difficulties because consumers had learned to appre­ciate the affordable high quality products.

Even though the worst of times occurred during the 1980’s Fan Milk had the strength to develop further. In 1985, an investment was made in Togo in collaboration with the Industrialization Fund for Developing Countries. The political and economic development in the Francophone countries created the OEUMOUA agreement and that allowed Fan Milk to develop sales and distribution companies in the neighboring countries. The first exports started to Benin in 1992 and four years later to Burkina Faso.

Fortunately, the positive development has continued into the 21st century and we share the dream about a brighter future for Africa and West Africa in particular. Fan Milk has therefore continued its development by investing in two more countries, the Ivory Coast in 2002 and Liberia in 2009. Fan Milk today offers unique frozen dairy products, juice and juice drinks to a total population of more than 200 million people inhabiting seven West African countries.